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Our Range of Glass

At Oceania Glass, we know a lot about glass and we want to share with you our knowledge so it becomes easier to work out which glass is best for you.

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QLam™ QLam™ is a durable, adaptable high performance glazing material that can provide solutions to many architectural applications. Within the QLam™ range there is a wide variety of laminated glass options. QLam™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass.
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AssaultLam™AssaultLam™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass designed as an economical method of providing a barrier to forced entry while providing transparency and clarity.
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ComfortPlus™ComfortPlus™ consists of a locally made range of clear and toned laminated glass options featuring a transparent, durable pyrolytic Low E coating. ComfortPlus™ products offer improved thermal and sound insulation in a single laminate with a selection of colours, daylight transmission and solar control. The range also offers relatively low internal and external reflectivity, typically desirable in residential and commercial buildings when transparency is valued. ComfortPlus™ is a Grade A Safety laminated glass.
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EnergyTech™EnergyTech™ offers a range of locally made clear and toned glass options designed to improve thermal insulation and provide a choice of solar control performance with low visible light reflection.