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EnergyTech™ Lite is the first step in improving energy efficiency for windows. Our latest addition, EnergyTech Lite provides an affordable solution for a Low E performance upgrade. Move to the next level with EnergyTech™ Lite by replacing ordinary single glazing, lift the performance of an otherwise ordinary IGU or boost the performance of a high performance IGU by adding it to surface#4.

EnergyTech Lite boasts brilliant aesthetics, abundant natural daylighting and low visible reflectivity. Ideal for typical Australian residential window systems. Made and stocked in Australia through the Oceania Glass national distribution network, it’s the simple choice for meeting your customers glass needs fast, whilst minimising your cost of inventory.
As a part of the Oceania Glass family of pyrolytic hard coat Low E coatings, EnergyTech™ Lite provides the familiar ease of processing, handling, with no need for edge deletion when used in IGUs and outstanding shelf life.

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Low E CoatingCoating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.
Easy ProcessingEnergyTech Lite can be toughened, laminated, curved or used in an insulated glass unit.
Energy EfficiencyEnergyTech™ Lite can keep the temperature of your room controlled, lowering your energy consumption and reducing the need for additional heating and cooling.
Product Range

*The maximum sheet size is a manufacturing size and may be in excess of the safe glazing sizes set out in Australian standards. **Image is for visual indication only and colour may vary depending on your screen.



  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Shop Front
  • Roof Glazing
  • Frameless Glazing
Technical Information
Performance Data
Product Name Nominal Thickness Visible Solar UV Trans U-Value SHGC Shading Co. Weight m2
Trans. Refl. Out Refl. In Trans. Refl.
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To avoid noise leaks, you need to ensure that EnergyTech™ Lite is installed in a frame that's well sealed and professionally fitted. If the frame isn't sealed properly then EnergyTech™ Lite can't work to its full potential.


EnergyTech Lite™ when single glazed, must be single glazed with the exposed coating to the inside of the building (surface #2). When incorporated into IGUs solar control glass products can be glazed with coatings to surface #2 and #3.

Glass Processing

Does not require edge deletion for use in insulated glass units.

Thermal Stress and Fracture Risk

Some products recommended for thermal stress fracture risk assessment.

How to Specify